The corrector is a highly pigmented and ultra-smooth concealer that's made in Canada using an innovative blend of extracts to cover up any skin imperfections quickly. The formula is designed to conceal under-eye circles, complexion alterations, major skin imperfections like tissue scars, skin hyperpigmentation, burns, and tattoos. Its packaging is compact, travel-ready, and easy to bring with you anytime you're traveling.

The formula is oil-free and provides broad coverage that's easily blendable with your skin tone without leaving any fine lines or visible excess buildup. Use it combined with other products or solo; it will provide full coverage by only using this product for a natural makeup-free look.

In addition to being suitable for all skin types, the formula is infused with vitamins, antioxidants, and botanical extracts for easy broad-spectrum protection without using additional products.

Use the formula
'Yellow' to conceal purple or darker-toned shadows on olive or tan skin tones.
Use the 'Lilac' formula to cancel out yellow tones and sallowness.
The 'Mint' formula camouflage redness and broken capillaries on all skin types.
Choose the 'Perfect Orange' formula to cancel out blue veins that are particularly visible in fairer skin.
Conceal purple or darker-toned shadows on olive or tan skin tones with the 'Burnt
Orange formulation.
All of these corrector formulas use ultra-distilled coated pigments with outstanding transparency, broad-spectrum protection, and light-reflecting properties that are designed to remain evenly distributed and will stay in place all day. It's a reliable product that customers will appreciate because of its ease-of-use and sensitive formula made at our private lab in Canada.

Lilac Corrector
Burnt Orange Corrector
Perfect Orange Corrector
Yellow Corrector
Mint Corrector
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